NativesOutdoors Brand

We are are actively looking for partners in the outdoor industry who are looking to upend the practice of cultural appropriation and set a new precedent for inclusion & diversity. Contact Len Necefer at to explore brand partnerships.

We celebrate the talents and creativity of indigenous designers, photographers, outdoor athletes, and communities through the products we sell. We create outdoor activewear & gear imagined by indigenous people for everyone to enjoy. 

A portion of the profit from NativeOutdoors outdoor activewear & gear will be donated to outdoor focused projects taken on by tribes, Native-run organizations, and individual Native people. Our aim is to support access to culturally appropriate outdoor recreation opportunities for indigenous communities.


Technical Trucker Hats

We partnered with Diné film-maker and designer, Dylan Mclaughlin of Invisible Laboratory on designs for these hats and also the branding we currently use for NativesOutdoors. 

Navajo Rug Design.png

NativesOutdoors Shirts & Tanks

We partnered with Diné artist Vernan Kee to develop a series of designs to be used as part of NativesOutdoors brand growth. 20% of profits from the sale of these designs will be donated to an native-run organization that works to increase access of outdoor recreation and education on tribal lands.

IMG_5413 2.JPG

Supporting Native outdoor athletes & Native-led outdoor organizations

We have started a grassroots movement to increase the representation of Native people in the outdoor world & also supporting the organizations who provide access to outdoor recreation experiences for Native people.